Cutting-Edge Leading Technology for Care Homes & Healthcare

We design, install & manage IT Network & Telecoms Solutions for care homes. But, we also manufacture our own assistance healthcare technology – smart messaging from Nurse Call systems, vital life signs monitoring, digital visitor management for GDPR visitor management, secure mobile device management and more. We’re not just any old IT or Telecoms company. We’re a care-focused team!


Using cutting edge software, we will design your WiFi network so you know exactly how many WiFi Access Points you require and their locations in order to product full coverage without any performance issues. From video calls such as Skype, media streaming such as YouTube or Uploading such as SharePoint, our solutions provide the WiFi to support your devices.


We implement a variety of data connectivity circuits, supporting speeds from 10Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps. From EoFTTC (Etheret over Fibre to the Cabient), EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) to Fibre Ethernet – our circuits have a target up-time of 100%. All of these connectivity types are monitored remotely by our system for any faults or performance issues.


Our Telephone System is based in the Cloud, so it’s completely scalable – you only pay for exactly the amount of extensions your business needs. Plus, our solution includes features such as Call Recording/Reporting, Desktop and Mobile Application, Voicemail-to-Email, CRM Integration and Auto Attendant IVRs as standard.

Our Products & Solutions

We don’t just sell any old gizmos and gadgets because they sell well – we handpick our portfolio because they just work! Half the products we sell are innovations we’ve developed in-house to solve complex problems that care environments have all the time!


VaultLocker is a simple and secure solution to manage devices in hot-desk environments where devices often change hands over multiple shifts.

The concept is simple – the device cannot be used at all until the user logs in with a valid username and password. This creates accountability, auditable sign in/sign out logs and a complete visibility of device faults and damage.

Multi Tenancy Internet & WiFi

From Hotel Rooms, Small Term Rental Properties, Private Accommodation to a HMO, Blaucomm have a simple, scaleable solution to deliver internet to units and even provide an ability to charge for internet access!

Student Internet & WiFi

All of our products are high quality and easy withstand the high intensity demands of that are associated with Student Accommodation! We have a proven ability to deliver a resilient system to ensure your Tenants never complain about the Internet again!

Food & Beverage

A high footfall of customers may visit your venue, but you may struggle with return visits. Using the Blaucomm WiFi, we can capture and turn user data to email campaigns to give special offers and promotions to drive traffic back to your business!

Retail & Shopping

Retail stores are constantly battling to convert traditional “Window Shoppers” to paying customers – using Blaucomm WiFi, we can deliver location analytics to show consumer movement throughout your store, show their popular spots and average time in the store to understand behavior and patterns.

Customer Testimonials

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