Care Hosted Telephony

Care homes are busy environments – staff are spread throughout the home, so trying to find the staff member to take a call can be challenging.

Plus, legacy solutions like DECT make it hard to track what staff member has what phone, and are expensive to install!

Blaucomm have a unique solution that’s perfect for care environments – a simple to use, cloud managed system that supports a huge range of phones for different uses. Our mobile app is perfect too, because it allows carers to login with their username. This allows everyone on shift to see who is logged in and can contact anyone online with a simple tap. Best of all, it works on existing smartphones and WiFi, lowering any investment in to new hardware!



Simple, powerful mobile app for Carers

Care staff need a simple and effective way to communicate with other staff and outside parties such as resident family members or emergency services without being tied to a desk phone.

Our CommunicatorGo App works by turning smartphones in to an extension of the telephone system. This means care homes can utilise the existing devices in use for applications such as a digital care management. This in turn means carers only can one single device instead of multiple different ones.

One of the main benefits of our system for care homes is the easy ability to add additional phones quickly without complicated licences, engineering visits or expensive hardware parts like traditional telephone systems cost.

Our system supports everything from door phones, tannoys, desk phone, resident friendly phones, smartphones, and much more.

Desktop App & Mobile App for full Unified Communications Mobility

Staff can easily communicate using the built-in chat facility – it’s safe, secure and easy to find staff to engage with – there’s even groups. It’s pretty much like WhatsApp! Messages cannot be deleted by staff and are fully auditable by managers using the cloud dashboard for complete security.

The App also has a great feature – it’s multi-language! Staff can choose their native language if there is a barrier to understanding terminology in English. This makes staff feel inclusive and assists with their English development.

There’s a boat load more of innovative features now and coming shortly!

Quick Changes

No longer do you need to get a specialist engineer with engineering tools to login and use complicated software to make changes – Blaucomm’s cloud telephony makes it so easy that any staff member can quickly make changes from changing phone names, ring groups, DDI’s and more. Get stuck or simply want us to make the change for you? No problem, we’re available 24/7 to help you.

Reduce Costs

Telephone bills have historically been complicated and full of hidden charges you aren’t aware of – with Blaucomm’s cloud telephony, each extension is supplied with 2,000 minutes to 01/02/03 and 07 mobile numbers which is pooled together in one large pot for everyone to share. This provides predictable monthly bills that won’t increase unless you make premium or international calls outside your allowance. Perfect for managing overheads!

Customer Testimonials

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